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Gallery Images from 2006 Pinot Noir Wine Tasting Evening
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Pinot Noir Wine Tasting Evening

Date: 15/01/06
Size: 11 items
Agustinos Pinot Noir

A 2003 selection from Chile, labelled 'reserve' -- indicating aging -- and this gives it vanilla aromas to go along with the blackberry notes.


The classic Pinot Noir region. A blend from vineyards throughout Burgundy. Six months aging in cask.

Brut Pinot Noir Cava

Good for summer barbeques: Codorniu Pinot Noir has summer fruits aromas. Available from Majestic for...

Chateau Haute Fontaine

Another 'starter': A grenache, syrah and mourvedre mix from southern France.

Cono Sur Chilean Pinot Noir

A selection from Chile. You can read more about this winemaker on their website.


From one of the famous NZ regions. I found this to be off dry although Oddbins, who sell it for £9.99, describe it as dry.

Vin de Pays

One of the favourites of the evening from the well known Gerard Bertrand vineyard.

Yarra Valley

The Australia selection of the night and the one we finished on. The fulliest bodied of the pinot noirs we tasted. Lots of jammy black summer fruits.